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I am a milliner since 1988, when I finished my three year apprenticeship at an old fashioned workroom in Krefeld(GER) and a Hatmanufaktur in Neuss(GER)

 My own business I started at 1991 after some Years of working in London /GB at Freddy Fox (1989) and in New York/USA at Patricia Underwood (1990).

I started with an Atelier called Cappello and I represent my handmade Hats at all Kind of Exibitions around europa.

In 1994 my Sister and I started our first shop in cologne, called Cappelleria and because of beeing really succsessfull, we started another shop in Düsseldorf, two Years later.

Longe time ago since then, I closed Cappello and going on making Hats at the Cappelleria Düsseldorf.

In this business you learn a lot about people.  Some really nice one, who accept youre style and those who think this all is just a joke. I don´t mean the doubtfull people they are only anxious (never mind!). I am talking about people who really want to bother you in a really bad way.

Well, even youre best friends sometimes emerge as someone intolerant and going with intent to destroy your business. But I am still here and my head is full of ideas with a lot pleasure for my working.

Noboby will ever take this away from me!!!

I am happy for all the people who knows about a real handmade Hat.

Made like they did in the beginning of the millinery- by Hand. Those are very welcome.


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